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The Carfax Vehicle History Report is the company's core product. Users purchase either a single report or create an account for building multiple reports for different vehicles, allowing consumers to utilize Carfax over a period of time as they search for a vehicle. Additionally, buyers can request Carfax reports free-of-charge from auto dealers, and some automakers routinely provide Carfax reports as part of their pre-owned vehicle programs. Online retailers such as and Auctions International have integrated Carfax reports into their websites.

Carfax reports provide different types of information. For example, reports might indicate if a car was ever titled as salvage, was flood-damaged, was reconstructed or rebuilt, or had its odometer rolled back. To use the service, buyers enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for a car or light truck into the Carfax website. The service will not work for any vehicle that has a VIN of less or more than 17 digits, which includes vehicles older than 1981. Reports are broken down into nine categories: report summary, vehicle specifications, lemon check, accident check, mileage accuracy check, ownership check, recall check, warranty check and vehicle history. Carfax guarantees customer satisfaction; however, buyers should be aware that while Carfax offers perhaps the most comprehensive data on used vehicles available,  the company recommends its reports be used in conjunction with inspections by certified mechanics.
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