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A used car, also known as a pre-owned vehicle and second hand car, is a vehicle that has previously had one or more owners. Used cars are sold through a variety of outlets, which include franchise and independent dealers, rental car companies, leasing companies, and used car superstores. Some car retailers offer "no-haggle prices," and "certified" used cars, and extended service plans or warranties. Individuals can also sell and purchase used cars through resources, such as newspaper and online classifieds.

With annual sales of nearly $370 billion, the used vehicle industry represents almost half of the U.S. auto retail market and is the largest retail segment of the economy. In 2005, about 44 million used cars were sold in the U.S., which is more than double that of the nearly 17 million new cars sold.

The used vehicle market is substantially larger than other large retail sectors, such as the school and office products market ($206 billion in estimated annual sales) and the home improvement market ($291 billion in estimated annual sales).

The Federal Trade Commission recommends that consumers consider a car retailerís reputation when deciding where to purchase a used car. Get recommendations from friends, relatives and co-workers, or contact your local consumer protection agency to obtain information about reputable car dealers or retailers.

Consumers can also ask for a reputable automobile salesman. Successful salespersons will help find a suitable car for a customer for a good price. From a career standpoint, margins can be higher on used vehicles because they are somewhat less of a commodity, though facilities in new car dealers are typically the newest.
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