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Baby car seats are legally required in many countries to safely transport children up to the age of 2 or more years in cars and other vehicles.

Generally, countries with passenger safety rules includes laws regarding child safety in a manner that the child must be restrained depending on their age and weight. It is important to note that these regulations and standards are often minimums and that for each graduation to the next kind of safety seat, there is a step down in the amount of protection a child has in a collision. There are many ways parents and caregivers can help to reduce the risk of injury and death to children who ride in vehicles. Car seats are one of the most important tools available to assist parents in this task.

Car seats should always be placed in a rear seat if possible. If a car is large enough to have three seats in the back, then the middle position is generally considered the safest (if equipped with the same restrain systems), as it provides space around the child in the event of a side collision or if the glass breaks in the windows. Car seats have been found to cause severe and fatal injuries to the child when fitted in a seat with airbags.
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